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We create next generation learning content for top brands, top influencers and top learning publishers; video content and courses that shine, not snooze.

Our team was behind, the billion-dollar online learning powerhouse that reimagined how we learn and teach. Now we’re doing it again.

Course Content at a Higher Standard.
MadeCraft assembles industry-best talent and trusted partners with a vision: give you top-tier learning content in the voice of your brand.

Think Beyond the Production House
More than a video production company, MadeCraft is focused on turnkey learning content development; original courses, made from scratch, published and viewed by millions globally.

Designed without compromise
Visually compelling learning content that’s the voice of your brand; efficient, scalable, aligned to your specifications and built to engage and empower your people.

Laser-Focused on Learning Content.
Learning content is all we do and your competitive edge. The world’s first private label, Hollywood quality, custom-crafted educational content company.

Results Seen in Performance.
Why do so many brands seek us out? Because they see our undeniable results.
If you’ll settle for good, we're not for you. Good isn’t good enough. Set the bar higher.

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Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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We’ve Reimagined Learning. Again.

Video Courses

Courses that inspire, retain, and educate your customers with proven instructional quality.

Learning strategy

We evaluate your customers needs, find your experts, train your team, identify the content, capture the design, make a plan, and move into production…fast.

Explainer videos

Engaging, concise, & made for product demos.

learning development

We provide a battle tested instructional team, content producers, plus a fast and nimble production pipeline. From start-to-finish, we handle everything.

DIGITAL Adaptations

Repurposed script content that drives your blog, social, or email marketing strategies.

learning publication

We deliver error proof content through independent quality testing. We go beyond with transcription, copywriting, SEO driven descriptions, learning goals & objectives.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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